A Word from the Wiz

A few months ago, my three-year-old granddaughters watched The Wizard of Oz for the first time. Not surprisingly, they were fascinated by golden-haired Glinda, the Good Witch of the North, clad in a huge (huge!) antebellum style hoop gown. Captivated, they clung to every word she said. I was intrigued myself as I watched Glinda’s response to the threats of a wicked witch take hold in their little minds to be repeated for weeks afterward. I had never even noticed this line before!

The scene to which I refer occurs in Munchkinland after the Wicked Witch of the West’s first attempt to get Dorothy’s Ruby Slippers. When she subsequently threatens both Dorothy and Glinda, she is cut off by Glinda’s lighthearted laugh and a nonchalant flip of her hand as she says with certainty, “Silly Rabbit, you have no power here. Be gone.” OK … she didn’t say “Silly Rabbit” … I threw that in for effect. That’s just how casual her tone was in the face of a threatening persona. It was amazing!

I want to own my authority like that. I want to get to the point that I immediately recognize Satan’s subtle emphasis on discomforts (e.g., confusion, humiliation, fear, discouragement, heartache, physical pain, grief), and rebuke him with a laugh. I don’t need to use my “mean voice” on the enemy. You parents out there know what voice I’m talking about – that firm, authoritative, sometimes loud voice that you use on an errant child to suppress any possible thoughts of disobedience.

According to Luke 10:19, our authority over darkness and the forces of evil is God-given, and Satan has no choice but to obey. He knows he has already lost – he’s counting on us to forget this MAJOR detail. We can laugh at his efforts to distract us and calmly say, “You have no power here. Be gone (‘Silly Rabbit’ optional)!” And then carry on with our lives in peace and joy … also God-given! So simple …

I wonder what nuggets of wisdom my granddaughters will find for me in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang … 


3 responses to “A Word from the Wiz

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    not on my end. Does not appear to work no matter what I do.
    Planned to provide you with a like, but I can’t. Sorry.

  2. Nice. I concur. We give evil too much authority out of fear. That makes us the greater enemy.

  3. You will find a similar revelation in the end of Labyrinthe when the girl declares the secret to the Goblin King. (Don’t want to spoil it if you have not seen it). I also love Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. My kids used to watch that over and over.

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