Funny Thing Happened …

A funny thing happened on my way to securing a job …

I spent all day last Saturday perfecting my resume and my letter of introduction to send to fifty publishing companies. My sister had long ago collected their addresses for me, so I was good to go. I had everything ready to print, fold, stuff, stamp, anoint with oil, and mail. I bought the paper and envelopes Sunday afternoon, but before I printed … God spoke.

On the way home from Staples where I’d made my paper purchase, I was deep in thought about all my hard work and the amount of money I’d spent on this project. Trying to sell yourself is expensive, you know? I was praying over the success of the unprinted letters when God popped into my head. He said, “You know I didn’t tell you to do this, right?” I hate it when He does that.

My only reply to Him was, “But … but … but …!” It was all I could manage. But to myself … well, I reasoned that He didn’t tell me NOT to do it either.

I’m stubborn. Part of me wants to go ahead and mail them. You know … help God out a little. He’ll thank me later. But what’s the point if it isn’t His plan? I am not very good at the whole “Be Still and Know” thing.  *sigh

However, once I shifted back into waiting for Him, I got excited again. I look so forward to seeing His plan unfold. After all, “He is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that I ask or think, according to the power that’s working in me.”  In other words, I can’t even begin to imagine what He has in store for me, and I imagined the letters and resumes were what I needed to be doing.

I remind myself repeatedly that I can’t figure God out. His ways are not my ways. Therefore it’s not possible to “help Him out.” He’ll reveal His plan to me on a need-to-know basis, and He’ll tell me exactly when to do what. I will be still, shut up, wait, listen, and obey. Period.

In the meantime … does anyone have need of a ream of ivory printer paper and fifty matching envelopes? Or shall I just get my money back?


What has YOUR experience been?

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