Don’t Do It!

An imperative statement. Instructions. An order or command. A commandment.

Did you know that there are actually 613 commandments in the Old Testament alone? But if you were to begin listing the ones you know, chances are you’d begin with these:

Do not murder.
Do not lie.
Do not commit adultery.
Do not put any other God before Me.
Honor your father and Mother.
Do not take the Lord’s name in vain.

Would you say, given the “imperativeness” of the statements, that God expected obedience here? OK, OK, I know these commandments are in the OLD Testament. Honestly, I grow weary of this argument. Folks, Jesus did not come to abolish the law! But if you must persist, I can (and will, eventually) show you that the commandments are repeated in the New Testament. In fact, they go a step further. For example, “Do not commit adultery” becomes “Do not even think about it!”

But I digress. I ask again, do you agree that God expects obedience where the commandments are concerned? Let’s look at some of those old commandments again, as well as a few of the “new” ones.

Do not murder.
Do not lie.
Do not commit adultery.
Do not be afraid.
Do not worry.

In my mind, those last two are spoken in the same “imperative” voice as the others – from the mouth of Jesus Himself. He’s not merely suggesting that we refrain from worry or fear. Nor is He patting us on the hand and saying, “There, there, you don’t have to worry.” He’s telling us NOT TO DO IT!

Some worry more than others, but I hold that we are all guilty of it. What do you worry about?
Loved ones?
Being Alone?
What others think?

Stop! Do. Not. Worry!

The Amplified Version says to “stop being perpetually uneasy…”

And take a look at the King James Version! “Take no thought for your life …”
Don’t even think about it! Wow …

Believe me, I KNOW this is easier said than done, but He shows us how it is possible. Instead of worrying, we are to seek His Kingdom and His righteousness. Then the above worry-list will be taken care of by God Himself. So … if I immerse myself in His word, listen for His instructions, and obey, then everything … EVERYTHING else will fall into place. So simple, but that’s what He said!

Do you believe Him?

Matthew 6:25-34


3 responses to “Don’t Do It!

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  3. Just as there is disagreement amongst the various faiths as to exactly which commandments form the “Ten”, so there is disagreement amongst the old commentators as to which form the 613. But 613 is a magical number in this context and so each major commentator ensured that his list included exactly 613 commandments.

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