My Take on Fear

LIE: Fear motivates action. TRUTH: Fear paralyzes. Ask me how I know! Even as I write this, I am experiencing the paralysis. You see, my hearing aids quit working. I have found myself avoiding church, social gatherings, volunteer work, job interviews, even friendly chats with neighbors. Why? Because I fear the embarrassment and shame of not hearing. I am thankful that I am able to recognize this as fear and work through it. Once upon a time, I would have given in to it all the way.

Way back when I signed up to go through “Father’s Heart” for the first time, I thought I feared it. I didn’t want to fear it…. but I flat did not want to do it, even though I knew it was important and necessary. I realized that I can “not want to do something” and it doesn’t necessarily mean I fear it.

I believe that’s what was going on with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane before He was crucified. Every fiber of His flesh didn’t want to go through with it (Matthew 26:38-43). He was in such agony that his sweat fell like drops of blood to the ground (Luke 22:44)! I don’t doubt that Satan pressed fear in on Jesus that night with everything he had, but Jesus crushed Satan’s head in the end. He conquered fear for us.

No, I am not free of fear yet. It is a process … a journey, but I’m recognizing fear more and more. In fact, it seems to be coming from outside of me now instead of from my gut. I go directly to “love” whenever fear rears its ugly head because “perfect” love and fear can’t co-exist (1 John 4:18). The more we fear, the less we love … AND the more we love, the less we fear! I can do that!

I’ve seen how Satan uses fear to paralyze us in our growth and in the development of relationships with God and others. Jesus tells us LOVE is the most important commandment of all ( Mark 12:29-31 ), so it stands to reason that it would be the main one Satan wants us to mess up. His ammunition is fear. It behooves us to remember this and that Jesus has already won this battle for us. That is why He can say to us, “FEAR NOT!”


5 responses to “My Take on Fear

  1. Penny Quinton

    FEAR is also known in my circles as False Evidence Apprearing Real. Fear can be crippling. Praise & gratitude help me to release my fears to God. He always helps me to face my fears.
    Love in Christ forever,
    Penny Q

  2. I can’t comment on fear, because I am not aware of now feeling any fear. I lost my shyness and fear of people when I was 16 and for the first time discovered the words “atheist” and “agnostic”. But I would like to comment on hearing problems.

    I wish that people with hearing problems would wear large badges announcing this to the world. I might then remember to always attract their attention before talking to them. I might also remember to make sure that I am facing them before speaking to them (Even people who don’t think they lip read will find that their hearing improves when they wear their spectacles.)

    It is not strictly relevant to this post, but I would also like to comment on blindness. A theologian friend of mine had spoken admiringly about a certain blind theologian so when I saw him being interviewed on TV I paid attention. He was complaining that if he sits in a pub, people ignore him. I wrote to him and pointed out that he wears normal spectacles and so does not look blind. People normally will only strike up a conversation with a stranger after they have made eye contact. He can’t react to attempts to make eye contact. I suggested that if he changed to dark glasses people would be more inclined to start talking to him. My friend no longer attends the theological conferences he organises so I have no idea if he took my advice.

  3. Great post! It’s just like the word Fearless…when we take scary actions we are not without fear. But the key is to move despite fear and remember we have God on our side! Very encouraging thank you 🙂

  4. This is beautifully written and absolutely true!

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