Three Words I Won’t Say (anymore)



I frequently seek wise counsel in my journey through life on this planet. I always will. God has now begun to counsel through me! It is humbling (and thrilling) to know God speaks through me. Yet … I recently found myself wanting confirmation from people that “my” words had actually helped them in their situations. I even asked one person flat-out … “Did I help?” Oh, to put those words back in my mouth! This desire for confirmation disturbed me. I asked God about it this morning. Want to know what He said?


“If you do as I direct you, you will make a difference. People will see my love, my glory, and my truths; the enemy will be rebuked. The more you allow ME to use you, the more I will use you … to help others. Do not ask them afterwards if you helped. Ask ME. I tell you now, when you go where I send you, allow ME to speak and write through you, give as I instruct you, and perform the tasks I direct you to perform … yes, you help. You may not get that affirmative answer from them. Whom will you believe?

If you ask of them, “Did I help?” and they say “Yes, you did,” will you not take satisfaction and pride in “YOUR” accomplishment? Is that not what motivates your asking in the first place? Do not open the door to your flesh in such a way. Don’t give the enemy a foothold. People will confirm (without your asking) that you helped them. And they will thank you. Your response will be, ‘It was my Father. He loves you SO MUCH! Helping you always brings Him great pleasure.’

You are learning to trust me and to rest in my love for you. I, too, am trusting you with more and more assignments. Do not let petty pride become a barrier. When it comes to helping others, take pleasure in the deed itself and in the truth that you have given ME great pleasure. And believe ME (not them) – you have helped many, and will help many more find the true peace of mind that comes only from trusting ME and resting in my love.”



What has YOUR experience been?

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